Terms & Conditions

The terms & conditions are subjected to mention the details about a purchase, offers, warranty on the products we sell. These terms and conditions define the perspectives of a particular product to the consumers which help to make the choice of the terms and conditions of the agreement on ‘www.ipdna.co’.

A) Product Purchase & Offers:
1) We sell all the Mac devices, iPhones, iPads series & Servers and more.
2) As we sell products we avail different ‘offers’ on different products. We clearly inform the consumers, should notice that offers may vary accordingly and should be aware of the time period the offer limits up to.
3) The products we sell on our website will meet the warranty conditions of a respective brand that is assured by the brand.
4) The product should be ordered within the offer period to avail the respective offer.
5) Once you order the product from our website, you will receive the product only after we receive complete payment.
6) The offer on the particular product that we provide may change without any prior notice. In that case, if you have ordered accordingly to earlier offer then there will be no change in the delivery of the product.
7) If the case is of any cash back offers or any refund of the amount assured on a particular product then we will strictly follow the rules and deliver the amount to the customers within two weeks.
8) Sometimes the offers given by us may reflect the same with others, or any fake advertisements may occur on our website, we strictly deny those and ensure you that IPDNA places you the trusted offers that might match your choice.
9) We maintain the genuine quality of products. We assure the consumers with very trustful service.

B) Sales:
Please read the terms of sales on our ‘www.ipdna.co’ before purchasing any products on our website.

1) Our sale of products on the website to the consumers, we hereby represent and provide assurance to the consumer on a guarantee that www.ipdna.co have all legal rights to sell the products on or through the website.
2) The products we sell on our website are free from extra charges except for VAT.
3) Consumers should notice that all the warranty and security measures of the product are maintained the same as the manufacturer makes on the products.
4) The information, specifications or any descriptions related to all the products are mentioned on the www.ipdna.co website. Only if there are any changes related to manufacturing companies or brands with products on our website, we notify all the updates to consumers at all times.

C) Price info:
1) In general, the cost (selling price) of the product may vary with the time constraint, then the selling price will be subjected to change on our website.
2) Only the team from our website takes the authority to change the price of products that we sell on our website. No other third party has the right to access or make modifications to our website.
3) If there is any change of selling price, after you ordered from the website, then we may deliver the product with the price when you ordered first or else we may cancel the shipping of the product. It completely depends on the value and availability of the product.

D) Warranty:
1) Clearly, we request you to notice that ‘IPDNA’ does not provide any extended warranty on the products online, other than the warranty provided by the manufacturer.
2) You can call us on the phone number mentioned on the site for any queries regarding warranty details.

1) We deliver the ordered products through ‘BlueDart’, our trustful courier service.
2) We do not take responsibility in case of any loss or damage to the product during the shipment process.
3) In case the consumer’s address is not reachable with the logistics, we deliver the product by using some other logistics transportation. Also, the consumer can modify the shipping address, but only before the shipping process starts.
4) We deliver the exact products that meet exact descriptions, specifications, models that we sell online, this means we ensure that we deliver genuine products and not any fake, no refurbished or faulty products.
5) Unless the payment is received, regarding the ordered product from the consumer, the shipping process of the product will not be initiated.
6) After the shipping starts, the consumer can check the delivery status of product by using order tracking on our website or else they can check the status in respective courier website that we manage to ship the order.

7) Logistic charges are not subjected to any bargains and are mandatory for all the consumers purchasing online.
8) If the order needs to be canceled, then the order should be canceled before the delivery process is initiated.
9) The dispatch time of the product cannot be assured in particular, but may happen in time for consumers nearer and may delay for farther distances. Mostly, IPDNA strives to deliver the product in time (or) on time.

Return Policy:
1) Return policy itself states that, returning of the purchased goods by the consumers. Consumers should read the return policy statements which helps them to have a clear idea about the terms.
2) After receiving the product, once the package is opened or unpacked, we strongly condemn to take back the product.
3) The return policy is not applicable for all the products. The return policy is valid on selected products only.
4) If the products are damaged in the shipment process, we are not responsible for the damage.

Cancellation Policy:

A) Cancellation by IPDNA:

1) We have the right to cancel the order if necessary for any reason. We have the right to refuse the order, cancel the order whatsoever with appropriate reason may be.
2) If the stock of the order is unavailable or cannot be managed to deliver for a longer period, then we may cancel the order.
3) If the order done by a consumer cannot be accepted by us, then we have the right to cancel.
4) If we notice that the address of the consumer doesn’t match, or else the consumer is caught up with some illegal issues then we have the right to cancel the order.

B) Cancellation by Consumers:
1) The consumers have the right to cancel the order only before the shipping process is started whatever the reason may be. Once the shipping is started, the order cannot be canceled.
2) If there are any issues with state government rules and regulations, there may be problems in delivery, and in this case, the consumer has no chance to cancel the order. No request regarding cash backs or payments is encouraged by us in such cases.
3) Any cancellations made by us due to any reasons, consumers are not allowed to create disputes that mis-lead our reputation.

IPDNA assures the refunds to the consumers account whenever necessary (if the refund to be done is necessary) within the limited period.
1) The period may vary depending upon the offer of the order or any cancellations made by us or by the consumers.
2) If we avail any cash back offers on a particular order, very soon the amount will be refunded to the consumers account.
3) The amount will be refunded to the source that the consumer provides.

IPDNA secures all the transaction details done online. We make you understand easily by providing the following details.
How do we accept payments?
We accept payments through net banking, credit cards and debit cards. We accept Visa, Mastercard and Maestro debit and credit cards. All online transactions are done through a ‘Payment Gateway’ page.
Is it safe to use any kind of banking transactions on our website?
Yes, we take all security measures in order to protect your online transactions.
1) We take every safety measure that needs to be taken during online transactions.
2) You will receive an OTP to your registered mobile number during the process of online payment.
3) With the OTP you can proceed with the further transaction process.
4) Later we will be sending you an acknowledgment for your order in the form an e-mail.
5) Even you can make credit/debit card payment through mobile internet.

We don’t provide any EMI facility as of now but in future with any such availability would be updated.
If we notice any fraud transactions or any kind of attempts of fraud transactions, they may be further subjected to legal actions in any circumstances.

1) The logo, content, policies designed for IPDNA are the registered trademarks used only for IPDNA Communications and Services Pvt. Ltd.
2) No other person or website doesn’t have the right to use the logo or any other information from our website.
3) If it is misused, in that case the concerned users are liable for any kind of legal summons

Trademarks Complaint:
IPDNA admires the intellectual property of others. In case if you feel that your trademark has been breached then you can communicate with us through support@ipdna.co

1) The buyers or visitors of the site hereby agree and commence to accessing the website and the transactions at own risk.
2) We are neither legally responsible nor accountable for any conditions or actions, warranties of the products that we sell on our site.
3) The products, services, quality, etc are not our responsibility regarding their warranties. It completely depends on the manufacturer’s liability.
4) If the users or other intruders try to modify website data, logo or try to perform any malfunction activities on the website, they might be subjected to any kind of legal actions.
5) Above all, the consumers hereby agree all the terms and conditions before using the website, products & services. This helps in clear understanding between the users and the website which further helps to avoid disputes and have good contact with each other.

People who buy at www.ipdna.co
1) For those who bought products on our website also should agree that if any issue arises within the period of warranty then they can contact our authorized service center.