Data Centre Infra Solutions

IPDNA is helping large corporates overcome virtualisation hiccups within diverse server environments. It helps enterprises in planning and setup of virtual data servers, migration of legacy servers to cloud-based servers, customised data centre solutions, et al.


  • Optimising Data Server Environment.
  • Migration of legacy to cloud-based servers.
  • Customised On-site and off-site data centre solutions.
  • Design, plan, and installation of data centre infrastructure.
  • Data centre switching for higher availability.
  • Disaster recovery.

There is an average 70% cost optimisation achievable through IPDNA’s custom data centre infrastructure solutions.


Transformation stories

Client: Qatar Stock Exchange

Challenge: Poor Disaster Recovery (DR) platform, which made the entire operations vulnerable.

Solution: Successfully implemented Disaster Recovery platform of the IP core network and migrated layer 2 and layer 3 data centre networking from Cisco to Juniper.

Result: Seamless operations with no data leakage of sensitive information.

Client: Qatar Telecom

Challenge: Expansion of POPs

Solution: Internet Service Provider (ISP) remote peering for new International Points of Presence (POPs) alongside the seamless migration of internet gateway.

Result: Through remote peering, Qatar Telecom was able to seamlessly initiate international POPs spanning Asia and western Europe with the help of Juniper Router.

Client Name: KSA Telecom

Challenge: Poor management control over company devices due to multiple application logins.

Solution: Single Sign-On (SSO) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) implementation.

Result: Employees can now access multiple applications with the help of SSO. Management now has secure and optimized management of devices through MDM besides having the capability to restrict and allow user actions throughout applications.

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